UNH School to Farm

University of New Hampshires holds an annual “School to Farm” event. Their website says it “is a statewide program working to connect NH farms and schools. Farm to school connections enable schools toSheep serve healthy, locally grown foods in their cafeterias, integrate farms, food, and nutrition into their curriculum, and explore food and agriculture-based learning opportunities.”

I helped present at the beekeeper station this past Tuesday, along with the Seacoast Beekeeper’s Association president, Jeff Salava. Kids went around from the blueberry station, to ours, to the sheep and wool station, and through several barns looking at animals. Each station was 15 minutes, so they move pretty quickly. Which is good, ’cause kids freak me out but I did so-so presenting. Jeff was much better. Hopefully, we reduced the fear a lot of kids have of bees.


The weather has gotten very nice again. Not quite as warm as I’d like, but not as humid either. We’re finishing up planting the garden this week. Not too far behind in getting it ready. I’ll have pictures soon. Now, on to the girls…

I try to feed them veggie scraps when I can. I know some people feed their chickens every type of table scrap, but we confine our birds to veggie and fruits. Occasionally, I’ll buy bird seed as a special treat. I noticed the big girls don’t like a lot of the vegetables, but the little ones are still expanding their palate and seem to enjoy veggies and fruit a bit more.


Dirty Girl and Brownie eye-balling the last tomato scrap. See Winona in the lower right hand corner? She’s watching me watching them.

I gather eggs about every other day. Winona and Beulah are great layers. I currently get lovely brown and blue eggs. Can’t wait to see what Brownie and the Quints will make! With a little luck, I’ll be getting some eggs by early Fall.


I’ll close with a link to an op-ed written by Stephen King. It’s a little old, but I read it for the first time earlier this week and it nicely captures what I think a lot of people miss when talking about taxes.