NPIP & Blinged Out

So, I had my flock NPIP inspected. What is NPIP? The National Poultry Improvement Plan. The NPIP program requires testing for

Penny, Marcia, or Kelly all blinged out with nowhere to go.

Penny, Marcia, or Kelly all blinged out with nowhere to go.

Pullorum-typhoid, but New Hampshire goes one step further and tests for Avian Influenza. I really like it because I find out if my birds are healthy or, mighty Thor forbid, asymptomatic carriers. The inspector does a great job and inspects the coops and living areas as well. And if I get to a point where I’m breeding my own chicks, she’ll inspect the incubator(s) and brooder(s).

The best part is Cooperative Extension had enough money from a Federal grant that it didn’t cost me anything. But even if I had to pay, the cost was minimal and so worth it. Bottom line, even if I could find a poultry veterinarian, I probably couldn’t afford them. So yay Tax Dollars at work!!!!

End result, the girls passed and I can sell birds and eggs across state lines. Since I’m walking distance from Maine, that’s a nice flexibility to have. While the younglings were too young to be tested, they fell under the certificate since they were living right next door to the main flock.

And the blinged out part? The big girls got nice little bands for their legs. All blinged out and nowhere to go. And you can barely see the band on the left leg of Penny/Marcia/Kelly in the photo. And no, I still can’t tell the guineas apart!

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