Clucking in the Coop

Lots of stuff going on and not enough hours in the day.  So here’s what the girls have been clucking about?

Winona says this stuff is important.

Winona says this stuff is important.

Global Climate Change discussed in a 2×2 diagram.

One possible reason women fare worse in negotiations.

This is exactly why I couldn’t go back to school! Yes, still bummed about UNH.)

And if you wanted to worry about climate change a little bit more…

A real American hero.

Market Basket... I hope the workers succeed but I am terribly afraid the CEOs will destroy MB. It almost feels like the CEOs and executive staff are acting out of spite.

And no link. for this one.. just a general comment about the horror the Police Department has created in Ferguson, MO. How dare they kill an unarmed kid. How dare they play their military games bullshit on the the citizens. And why aren’t they being stopped? My heart and thoughts go out to the victim, Michael Brown, and his family. I sincerely hope they receive justice.

Click here to get your backyard chicken supplies.



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