And the keets are out

We let them start roaming the yard this weekend and so far, so good. They don’t really hang with the IMG_0499chickens, which is a shame, but hopefully that will change as they get older. They squeak a lot, but that’s them getting used to the backyard. They discovered trees yesterday and love the top of the soccer kickboard. We had to get them off at the end of the day, and they followed Mr. Hen House right to the coop (they love him). They also seem more comfortable around us now that they have space to move. And, in honor of my friend Penny and her awesome family, the keets (regardless of gender) are now Penny, Marcia, and Kelly!

We found another stash of eggs this weekend, too. Since the girls seem to move their clutches when I empty them, I’m trying to trick them. I took all eggs except for a couple, and marked those with a sharpie. My thought is they will keep laying there as there are eggs still there. It worked with Beulah, as she lays in the coop again. I’m hoping it will work with the others. The only eggs I have not found again are Brownie’s. I’ll keep looking. IMG_0498

Other than that, it’s been quiet. I’ve made an appointment for one of the roosters to be processed. We have not made a decision about the second, although I’m leaning towards making him a meal too. 5:30 a.m. is too early for crowing! In the meantime, they seem healthy, which is good. Next week, before he/they are processed, they’ll get some outdoor time, but no hen time. Don’t need my girls backs destroyed by the rooster’s spurs.

I’m moving Winona to layer pellets. I had her on the baby food and I think she’s at the point she can handle the pellets and I’m sure she could use the added nutrition. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve included pictures of her eyes so you can see the difference I mentioned in the last post.



I also opened the hive this weekend. I noticed that after the first rush, they were not building up comb as quickly as I thought they would, nor storing quite as much honey and pollen. Otherwise, they seem incredibly healthy. At bee club, many of the attendees noticed the same thing about their hives. I can’t IMG_0489say it’s good or bad, but at least consistent, so I guess that’s something!

Should be a nice quiet week!



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