Calcium & Eggs


Winona eyeballing the camera.

I recently noticed Winona’s egg shells seemed thin. One of the things I love about backyard eggs is the superthick eggshells. I’m a bit of a klutz and tend to drop things. When I dropped backyard eggs on the ground, they didn’t always break, or even crack. However, Winona’s eggs  sometimes break when I pick them up. I also noticed that many times, before gathering them, they were cracked and oftentimes completely broken. (I’m a little worried there is some hen house egg-eating going on.)

Anyway, it hit me — while I’ve been great ensuring they had grit to help with digestion, give them treats, ensure they have plenty of water and food, I had dropped the ball on giving them calcium (generally ground oyster shells). I usually pick it up at the local feed store, but every time I had been there, the bags of calcium simply weren’t there. So I tried again and fortunately, they had some in stock — finally!

So I crawled in the coop and added the calcium in with the grit. The girls went right to it, even Brownie and the quints and they aren’t laying yet.

Beulah is doing great with her eggs. Thin shells have not been a problem I’ve seen with her. I’ll keep monitoring the situation to see if Winona’s shell quality improves.

And the coop is making progress:

Coop almost done

The coop is almost finished!

Next is trimwork. When done, it will have lovely white trim to contrast against the barn red. We’ll then be able to work on improved an feeding and watering set-up.

In closing, I thought I’d link you to a post on the reasons why some people should rethink getting chickens. While I’m a big advocate of pretty much any type of critter-keeping, fact of the matter is, some people really shouldn’t. Not because they are mean or cruel, but because their heart simply isn’t into it. It’s insanely unfair to the animal to get shuttled around or neglected simply because the human that got them didn’t think things through.

Have a lovely day!

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