Happy 4th!

A quick post today and only one for this week. Trying to get ready for the holiday but the rain just won’t quit. It makes it hard to get out in the yard. However, the keets moved to a bigger box and the four survivors seem to be doing fine.

The big hens are also doing well, even in the rain. We put another door in the coop to help with cleaning and they love it. When it’s not raining it’s one more opening to air out the coop as well. I like a well aired, clean coop.

So I’ve been struggling with integrating the guineas when the time comes. I think I will put them in a wire dog crate for a couple of days, inside the pen, so the hens and guineas can eyeball each other. I really don’t want the guineas to get beat up too much as I need them to imprint on the coop. How all that goes will determine when I move them into the coop. I’d like to manually put them in at night, so everyone wakes up together. But, I need to ensure my little bug eaters won’t get hurt. I’ll keep working on a plan. I like to ease into things any way.

One thing I’ve noticed about this flock that is different from my first flock is their lack of interest in escaping. Now I’ll be the first to say that Winona had the most difficult time when not allowed to roam. She continually looked for a way out. But now that she has two big garden beds to walk around in, she just doesn’t seem interested in the yard anymore. If she got out, she would enjoy it, I’m sure, but she doesn’t try. Nor do the rest of the birds. Dirty Girl did pop out last week, but I think that was an accident. The quints like to stretch their wings. So, while they are penned, they are cage-free and I think that’s almost better than free-range as they are safer while still getting great nutrients from the plants, bugs, and worms.

On that note, here’s a pict of the keets for the weekend:

Then there were 4

The world outside is scary!

Have a safe and happy holiday!



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