Chickens in the weeds

They really love the new garden box, although they are taking their sweet time eating down all the green stuff. Various photos for your view pleasure. It’s so great when the sun is out.

Beulahs Cheeks

Beulah’s cheek tufts… she’s so cute!

Chickens in the weeds

Chickens in the weeds.










Dust Baths

Dust bathing.

Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl









Ash checking out the girls

Serial killer saying hello to the girls. And no, he does not bother them. He showed slight interest in the peepers when they were young, but it was only in passing and it passed quickly!

And I will end on a slightly depressing note today. We know bees are in danger. We know many of the reasons why. And yet, our government is unable or unwilling to take even slight steps towards keeping this all-important pollinator safe. Granted, this story is about one bee-kill incidence, but it is highly indicative of what beekeepers all over the world are seeing. The stories are legion. At least the EU is attempting to move forward with temporary bans to evaluate the safety of the particular pesticide causing most of the problems. Hopefully, the U.S. will use their data in the future as they sure aren’t listening to anyone else except the chemical companies.




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