Hello World!

Babs has chickens again so Babs Hen House is up on WordPress! With a readership today of exactly zero. 🙂

I’ll be chronicling my chicken escapades, but will definitely throw in other topics of interest to me.

This is my second flock. The first, of about 18 chickens, I gave away a few years ago as I thought we might lose the house. (Corporate lay-offs have played havoc with my, and my husband’s, employment over the last several years.) I missed my little feathered dinosours though, and made an impulse purchase of two birds at the Deerfield Fair last fall. My darling husband picked up six chicks a few months ago — all in time for another lay-off!

Winona and Peeps

This is Winona and two of the chicks. Five of the chicks look exactly the same so I call them the Quintuplets.

I’m currently integrating the peepers with the big girls. Winona and Beulah are a little snippy, especially Winona. She’s kinda mean even though she’s had plenty of time to adjust. I put the peepers in a temporary pen next to the coop, so they could eyeball each other, for a good two weeks. I’ve started to mix them up in the day, but am finding the big girls a little too aggressive to fully integrate. So, the peepers are sleeping in a dog crate at night, covered and protected. I’m hoping to finalize the integration in a couple of weeks. It’s a real pain to maintain what is essentially two coops.

Speaking of which, my husband is building the main coop, and it’s about 80% done. I’ll start posting photos when the weather clears up. The poles you see on the ground in the above photo is how we’re moving the coop — sliding it to its semi-permanent position. I was very clear I wanted a mobile coop, with wheels — somehow it started to morph into something a little more permanent. Sigh! One thing at a time — Babs

Blue Hen House


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